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I offer guitar tuition for all ages and experience levels in all modern playing styles
including rock, pop, folk, funk and soul on both electric and acoustic guitar.

Anyone can learn to play the guitar and if you have the desire to play,
you can become a great player.  It is that simple!

My starting point is always to determine your goals and to then equip you with the information and techniques that you need to achieve them.  For example, if you simply want to strum along to some songs, then I'm not going to insist that you learn lots of musical theory.  However, if you wish to compose or improvise with other musicians then you will need some understanding of scales, chord theory and modes. 

I don't use any singular teaching method because I have found that what may work well for one individual may not be suitable for another.  As a result, I continually assess and adapt my methods as you progress.

When I am showing students new material I always explain any musical theory that is relevant to the material being learnt, so while learning how to play, a solid grounding in music theory is also achieved.  Areas covered include:
Major & Minor scales, open chords, strumming patterns, keys & associated chords, chord theory, right hand muting, barre chords, left hand muting and modes.

I have a large collection of songs, in many musical styles, that I use but I also encourage students to bring along the kind of music that they wish to play.  I use studio quality software to produce slowed down versions of songs being learnt so students can get up to speed at their own pace.  As an extra incentive once a student has mastered a piece, they are able to record a studio quality CD of their achievement.

I prefer to teach from home because I have the necessary equipment all set-up, but I do offer visits to students' homes if the student prefers.  For more information such as availability and rates please Contact me.