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Park Lane Hilton


I am based in Barnet, North London and have been playing guitar for 30 years.
I have worked with many bands, TV & radio stations and record
companies playing most styles of popular modern music. 
My main playing styles are funk, soul, R&B, pop, folk and rock.

I have a well equipped recording studio and offer an online guitar session playing service. I  can also help with production and arrangement ideas. 
Go here for more studio information:  The Soundworks

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Farnham Maltings

Abbey Road Studio 3

Whenever I get involved in a recording session, my aim is to contribute guitar parts that focus on the feel & vibe of the song and compliment the existing sounds rather than compete with them.  The sounds I use will always be in keeping with the musical style of the material being produced.  The end result should always make the artist and their material sound as good as possible.

The Arena, St Albans, Herts.

Ealing Festival 2008

Online sessions...
If you are a singer songwriter, working in your own project studio, and your tracks need some inspired guitar parts then I can provide them for you without you needing to leave your producer's chair.

Simply create a stereo mix of the track, upload it to my site and I will create and record separate guitar tracks for you to download and add to your multi-track recording. 

The tracks I record for you will be copyright free, so you will have complete freedom to do whatever you wish with them.

Contact me for more information on the online session services I offer.

Brecon Jazz festival 2006

Equipment List...





   Fender Strat '52 reissue  (Texas Specials pick-ups)
   Fender Strat '68 reissue (Kinman pick-ups)
   Fender Ultra Plus Strat (Lace Sensor pick-ups)
   LA custom build guitar (Armstrong humbucker pick-ups)
   Brook Teign dreadnought 6-string acoustic
   Levin Goliath dreadnought 6-string acoustic
   Sigma 12-string acoustic
   Yamaha electro-acoustic nylon strung acoustic.
   Aria Jazz style bass

   Cornell custom build 36W head. Powered by 4 x 6V6 tubes
   Mango Duo 18W head. Powered by 2 x EL84 tubes
   Jim Meek custom build 15W 1 x 10 combo.  Powered by 2 x 6V6 tubes
   Cornell Romany 1 x 10 combo.  Powered by 1 x 6L6 tube

   Mango 1 x 12.  Loaded with Celestion Gold alnico.
   Matamp 1 x 12. Loaded with Celestion Blue alnico.

   Too many to detail here, but include overdrive & distortion devices, delays (analog & digital), chorus, compressors, wahs, phasers, envelope followers, flangers...etc.  

I've recently started building tap tempo pedals for use with Boss digital delay pedals.  More details here:  www.tap-tempo-pedal.co.uk  

Ealing Festival 2004

Abbey Road Studio 3